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Smartlife Connect Platform can be branded and bundled by Solar companies or provided by Systems Integrators along with smart control of EV Charging, Hot water cylinders, HVAC, underfloor heating, pool heating and other larger electrical loads. 

Monitor and calculate solar energy output and building usage and potential usage, enabling smarter overall green energy usage and cost savings. Often you are better off to use the power internally rather than export back to the grid only to pay a higher rate later in the day. You can also remotely view operational data and be made aware of unexpected issues.

Smartlife Labs provides a comprehensive IoT platform and software for developers and partners through flexible integration approaches as well as a professional and user-friendly App and web app.

  • The wide range of sensors and advanced logic in Smartlife Connect enables the utilisation management of traditional energy and green energy to improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and contribute to energy-saving initiatives.
  • Monitor energy usage 24/7 and display visualised data of energy consumption from different perspectives.
  • Apply IoT and remote monitoring technologies to residential, commercial, and industrial scenarios to fully improve energy efficiency.

Smart Grid

The future electric power grid will be based on a robust infrastructure combining renewable energy sources and a networked and interactive energy market connecting the consumer and energy producer. The advantages of a smart-grid range from a decreased environmental impact, economic benefits, and a more robust service.

One of the challenges associated with developing a smart-grid is its physical scale. Current energy needs require large-scale generation of power from centralized plants. One vision for smart-grids is to supplement this energy production with renewable sources of energy, including wind and solar power, energy storage elements, and an interactive energy market where end-users can modulate their demand according to energy prices and personal utility.

Smartlife aims to contribute to the implementation of a multi-scale power grid focusing on the high penetration of renewable energy sources, increased use of batteries for energy storage, and intelligent energy management for a truly interactive smart-grid.

Smart Solar Charge Controllers

A solar charger gathers energy from the solar panels, and stores it in the batteries.  Smart Solar controllers maximises this energy-harvest, by constantly monitoring the voltage and current output of the solar (PV) panels, to achieve full charge in the shortest possible time. Smart Solar maintains battery health, extending its life.  

Remotely control and monitor the system from smartphone or other device via Smartlife Connect.  For remote installations – even when there is no internet connection or phone signal nearby – you may be able to monitor the system using our LoRaWAN (long-range wide area network) device.