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Smartlife Platform enables home and apartment builders builders and Smart Home integrators to deliver an App and control system that integrates Security, CCTV, Access Control, Lighting and electrical control, Blinds and Drapes, HVAC, Solar and Energy storage, Audio and Video entertainment systems. Smartlife Connect is a customisable mobile app, Smart IoT Hub and IoT platform that connects to and controls an extensive range of Smart Home devices with great functionality and simplicity. 

Smartlife Connect offers solutions for homes of every size, style and location. You can use a single app to manage almost everything in the home. Smartlife Connect is the easiest way to make homes smarter. 

Safety and security is so much more than an alarm. Manage the safety and security from any online device, anytime, anywhere. Smartlife Connect includes a variety of innovative and user-friendly features such as advanced notifications, sensor by sensor activation alerts and closed group activation response options. Monitor via security cameras whilst activating the door/gate. The App integrates multiple apps, which are used to monitor and control the home into one app.

Builders, developers, retirement village operators can incorporate their branding and content such as user guids, checklists, maintainance and support information.  

Smartlife Connect is compatible with the following Smart Home products:

  • Most of the extensive range of third party products compatible with Z-Wave, KNX, Tuya, Wiser.  
  • KNX lighting, HVAC control, energy monitoring. KNX is the dominant world-wide standard for smart building control using a wired bus based system There are over 8,000 KNX products available from a variety of manufacturers
  • AAP security alarm (ESX and ESL). 
  • Leviton Omni alarm 
  • CCTV cameras that support RSTP protocol (most modern IP cameras)
  • Gates, garage doors, door strikes and mag locks via relay outputs
  • Yale Assure locks (requires Z-Wave interface in Hub and Z-Wave module in lock)
  • Doorbird Intercom (camera and control)
  • Denon and Integra surround sound receivers
  • Leviton HiFi 4, 8 and 16 room multi room audio amplifiers
  • MySky, Vodafone TV, Apple TV, Sony TV, Samsung TV, LG TV, via IR control ports. Optoma projectors via serial (most other manufacturers can be easily supported)
  • Fibaro dimmer, relay and shutter relay modules (requires Z-Wave interface)
  • Wiser Iconic Zigbee mechs and smart sockets
  • Smartlife Air Smart Glass switches
  • Smartlife Air Smart Mechs (dimmable and on/off)
  • Smartlife Air IR A/C control
  • KNX and Z-Wave energy monitoring
  • KNX, Z-Wave and Smartlife Air Temperature sensors – used for hydronic and electric underfloor heating
  • HVAC can be controlled via Intesis interface or via the Smartlife Air IR controller
  • Control of other IP and RS232 products can be configured by Smartlife Tech team
  • AVG 4 and 8 room HDMI video Matrix (most other IP or serial controlled Matrix can be supported)

The Smartlife Connect  Web App enables remote configuration, from anywhere with Internet access. This allows partners, certified installers and Smartlife technicians to configure the interfaces, macros and logic to suit individual installation as well as to create templates for multi-install scenarios such as hotels and retirement villages. This technique can also be used for rapid product development. There is a dashboard for a manufacturer or large scale operator to manage their devices including health monitoring, updates and upgrades.  All data is stored in the cloud – data analysis tools, dashboards and AI development are in progress. 

The product includes everything required to monitor and control motion sensors, temp and humidity, alarms, cameras, gates, doors, garage doors, HVAC, pools, irrigation, TVs, A/V equipment, lights, blinds, louvers, soil moisture, tank levels and more. Connectivity includes wireless (Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, Zigbee, BLE, RF, LoRaWAN, Sigfox). Local network devices connect via WiFi or wired Ethernet and communicate out through the App without any special configuration required in the router. Wired interfaces to the Hubs include IR, contacts, 12v trigger and serial bus.

Smartlife Connect Apps for Android and Apple are free to download from the play store and App store. The Apps enable the users to to monitor and control the devices and to enable notifications and messaging between groups.  

  • From within the App, users can share the location to family, friends and co-workers by simply entering their email address. 
  • Optionally multiple “User Views” can be created which enables the users to share a subset or to create a simplified view. For example a cleaner might just need Alarm unset, door lock and all lights on and a “goodbye” macro to turn off the lights, lock the door and set the alarm. User Views can be easily shared by email address, providing access to all or some of the systems at different locations that have a Smartlife system installed. 
  • The Apps have a sophisticated notification system with the ability to communicate within the App to all parties that are notified.
  • The Smartlife system supports multiple locations – e.g. Home, Work, Holiday home. Each apartment and Common Areas, Farm house, Shed, farm. Dashbords incorporate groups of Locations.