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Gate Intercom

The intercom allows for:

  • Simple admin each time a tenant/owner changes.
  • Includes video and audio communication from each house to the gate
  • HD Camera with night vision
  • Store still images of access history
  • Stores still images of a limited number of motion detection events.
  • Option for a hardwired indoor intercom unit in each dwelling and/or a smartphone app allowing visibility of the gate anywhere in the world
  • Remotely unlock the main gate from the resident’s house or anywhere in the world using their smart device
  • Management of up to 100 residences and pins allowing access to the gate with a unique pin code
  • Can allow each home to have a separate RFID tag (or multiples) for easy access.  (up to 100 total)

In order to provide resilience in times of power failure and thus allow the gate and intercom (including WIFI) to function, we have included Batteries (for the Gate motor) and an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) that will provide up to 5 hours of usage off-grid.

An extra Battery unit can be added for an extra 3 hours to give a total of 8 hours. The batteries, UPS, switch, control hub and power for the WIFI and Intercom will all be housed in a weatherproof cabinet that will be discreetly installed behind the entrance wall 

Camera option

We recommend mounting the camera on a pole behind the wall with a view of the Gate and approaches.  The pole will be high enough to cover the approaches and capture vehicles coming and leaving the estate. The camera proposed is a 5MP Turret camera with IR for night viewing. 

The camera is IP67 rated.  The camera will be attached to the Pole via a special pole mount.  The camera includes an SD card that will record images when the camera is activated. The live feed and recordings will be accessible via the Smartlife App.