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Energy demand management, also known as demand-side management (DSM) or demand-side response (DSR), is the modification of end user demand for energy. The Smartlife Connect Platform enables monitoring and control of all devices so we can aggregate control of different load types such as EV charging, hot water elements, pool pumps, freezers, HVAC systems and other large loads. 

The Smartlife platform enables the users to manage the level of control by energy type, so for example a user can default to eco mode to charge their EV, but override when necessary.

Reducing energy during peak times reduces your carbon footprint and can save money, depending on how you are charged for your electricity. Smartlife Platform can also link into Demand Flexibility programme’s that pay to enable automatically reducing power consumption from electrical equipment, “to give the grid a helping hand when electricity demand is high”.

Smartlife Labs provides a comprehensive IoT platform and software for developers and partners through flexible integration approaches as well as a professional and user-friendly App and web app.

  • The wide range of sensors and advanced logic in Smartlife Connect enables the utilisation management of traditional energy and green energy to improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and contribute to energy-saving initiatives.
  • Monitor energy usage 24/7 and display visualised data of energy consumption from different perspectives.
  • Apply IoT and remote monitoring technologies to residential, commercial, and industrial scenarios to fully improve energy efficiency.

Energy Management


Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

Remote or automatic timing control of electrical devices help make farmer’s lives easier. Install smart mech or relays to remotely control ventilation fans, water pumps, motors, and more from anywhere or the timing function lets users set work schedules and create logic to control devices to maximise efficiency.


Commercial Lighting

Smart electrical meters and control assists with commercial lighting power management. The platform can remotely turn on/off devices and monitor power consumption in real-time.


Photovoltaic Power (PV) Generation

Monitor and calculate solar energy output, enabling smarter green energy usage. Often you are better off to use the power internally rather than export back to the grid only to pay a higher rate later in the day. You can also remotely view operational data and be made aware of unexpected issues.

Residential Distribution Board

Smart circuit breakers that monitor their own health provide more than ten types of issue alerts to keep your home safe. They also can monitor and accurately record power consumption of sub tennants and help “load shed” EVs or hot water cylinders. 7kW EV charger uses half the capacity of a single phase house and this can cause the main breaker to trip. 

Smart Power and Water Meters

Combine power and water management, and adopt prepaid and postpaid methods, making apartments’ billing management more flexible. Meter electricity and water consumption of tenants and owners, and implement smart utility billing management with the Smartlife Apartment PaaS system.