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Intro Connect Platform

Our vision is that all homes and businesses should be smart. We believe that there should be an easy way to configure and bring together IoT smart products for everybody to enjoy without having to be technical wizards or having to deal with multiple apps. 

Smartlife Labs team has designed and developed a platform to enable thousands of technicians and integrators to deploy and customise solutions for millions of Smart Homes and Commercial Automation users. The solution also enables low-cost mass deployment of solutions such as energy efficiency, smart security, and Aged Care, Dementia, Blind and Low Vision that can then be individually expanded and customised.


The Smartlife Connect App is accessed from Apple or Android phones and tablets


The Smartlife Web App is accessed from an Internet Browser to configure the devices, logic and App User Views


The Smartlife Controller is required to access some of the compatible hardware. It connects to the local network via WiFi or Ethernet cable and “talks” through the Smartlife Cloud to the Smartlife App when it is offsite (and directly to some products when the phone and device are on the same network).

Alexa and Google Home* “talk” to the Smartlife cloud, so you can use voice or the Smartlife App to control the devices.  


How does Smartlife Connect compare to other control systems?


Control systems such as RTI, Control 4 and Crestron also enable the integration of Security, Access control, HVAV, heating, A/V and entertainment but they require a PC or Mac on site to configure the system and write to the controller. The Smartlife Connect Platform is cloud based, which enables multiple people to simultaneously or separately access, configure, adjust and check the setup. This allows for the most cost effective technician to do their required part to deliver a solution. For example the electrician and the security installer install the compatible products and enroll them into Smartlife, then a local technician configures the standard logic and creates standard user interfaces. They can call on an expert when required who can collaborate in real time to assist with advanced programming.


Control systems such as Samsung SmartThings, Apple Homekit, Philips Hue and Alexa can only be configured by their App on site, requiring the user to have the necessary skills to undertake all aspects of enrolling devices, editing user interfaces and creating and testing logic.


Both of the above techniques are not well suited to large scale roll out. The Smartlife Connect Platform is designed to enable hundreds and thousands of similar solutions to be cost effectively deployed whilst still enabling customisation of individual sites. Smartlife Connect can include in-app branding, it can even be fully rebranded for a white label solution.

Smartlife Connect App

The Smartlife Connect App runs on Smartphone and tablets. It is free to download from the Apple or Play store. The App supports multiple locations such as Home, Work, Holiday home or in commercial cases each branch, franchise or guest room can be a location.  

Each location has one or more User Views – for example the Home Owner’s user view has access to everything whereas the Guest User view and the Cleaner’s User View just provide access to some items.  The User Views contain folders and items that provide a simple way for the user to control the devices, initiate a series of actions (a scene) or access information about the location or equipment at the location including checklists, warranty and support information.  Events are logged and alerts are notified to the family or work group. Users can then message each other via the App to respond to the event, cancel or escalate as appropriate.

Some users can invite other people to access their location and they can choose what User Views each person can access and what access level they have:

  • Owners can Add other Home Owners and viewers and can create User Views using the Web App
  • Shareable Viewers can invite other Shareable Viewers and Viewers
  • Viewers can access whatever is shared to them but they cannot share it to anyone else.  
  • Installers enroll and configure the compatible products and create User Views, logic and schedules using the Web App.

Connect Web App Configurator

The Smartlife Connect Web App can be accessed from a Web browser on a PC, Mac, tablet or even a smartphone. The Web App is used to enroll the devices into a Smartlife Cloud “Location” and to configure the user interfaces “User Views” and who has access to what.  The Web App is also used to configure schedules, logic and notifications. The Web App can be simultaneously accessed by multiple users, enabling different people to be working collaboratively on a project.

Device Collections can be cloud based or connect through the local Smartlife Controller.

  • Smartlife Air includes IoT products based on the Tuya chipset using Wifi, Zigbee or BLE protocols (see compatible products)
  • The Smartlife Hub enables the user to enroll products connected to the IR, contact closures and relays built into the Controller as well as compatible Alarms, Amplifiers and KNX products on the local network .

Smartlife Connect Controller

The Smartlife Connect Controller connects to compatible products on the same network via WiFi or Wired Ethernet. Optionally a Z-Wave interface can be connected to one of the USB ports for interface to Z-Wave devices. The Controller has a fast processor that also enables it to transcode video from 4-8 cameras (depending on resolution), enabling cameras to be installed without the need to port-forward their IP address in the router. 

The Controller has the following connections:

  • 5 x IR ports to control TVs, MySky, Apple TV, Vodafone TV
  • 4 relays to control garage doors, gates, door strikes, etc
  • 2 contact closure to receive status from garage door reed, beam sensors, door sensors
  • 2 x 12V trigger inputs 
  • Audio output

The Controller is not required in all projects – only when the physical connections are required or when interfacing to a compatible network controlled product such as:

  • KNX via a KNX network interface
  • AAP ESX Alarm
  • CCTV cameras with RTSP protocol
  • Axium and Leviton multi room audio amplifiers
  • Integra, Denon, Yamaha and other Surround Sound amplifiers
  • Compatible HDMI matrix switches

Multiple Smartlife Controllers can be installed in one location when more inputs or outputs are required or at different locations.