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For Apartment developers Smartlife can offer a turnkey solution encompassing the overall building access, security, lighting and electrical control, blinds, drapes, louvers, pools, HVAC and advertising/ information and central entertainment options. For Apartment owners Smartlife can offer a variety of integrated solutions at different price points for access control, entertainment, security, HVAC, lighting, blinds and drapes. The Smartlife App provides unique benefits with in-app messaging, alerts and notifications helping the Apartment manager to communicate with the residents. 

There are significant cost savings and ease-of-use benefits from working with systems that can be integrated into one control solution – there is nothing worse than a “sea of apps” to control the intercom, cameras, air cond, blinds and entertainment systems. We have solutions that can be retrofitted or added onto an existing building infrastructure design. Of course there are significant benefits in designing an integrated solution from the beginning and Smartlife can assist with the selection of products that provide the best overall results and options for each apartment owner to customise to their requirements.  


Smartlife App

Smartlife Connect  makes it easy for residents to monitor and control their apartment by voice commands or from their smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world. They can share access to family, friends and guests and the building manager and maintainance people can gain access in the event of flood or smoke sensors.

The Smartlife platform integrates access control, HVAC control and optionally integrated security and entertainment systems with notifications – great for Airbnb or lending out the apartment. 

Smartlife Connect App is a remote control system that can be displayed on your  iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android and optionally on a wall Touchscreen. This “universal remote” controls all your TVs and entertainment system, lights and electrical equipment connected to the system as well as monitoring and control of the security system and cameras.

Smartlife Connect is compatible with many access control, security, lighting control and Multi-Room audio systems. 


Access Control and Door Station

Modern Video Door Stations allow the tenants to answer the door from anywhere. The building manager can easily add and delete master users for each apartment and manage their access. 

 Cabling is simplified, preferably the indoor stations are wired to the same network as the door stations but they can also simply be connected to the apartments network. 

Smartlife Connect can display the Intercom camera.  


Each apartment can either have a full security system or partial security for the cases of Airbnb or sharing the apartment with friends. Alarms can be silent, with notifications to the owners and any other relevant parties. 

Wireless motion detectors and door contact closures can be used to ensure guests and visitors do not access restricted rooms, cupboards or safes. In the event of activation the owner can optionally view cameras and communicate with guests through the App messaging to resolve the situation. 

In the event the building manager needs to use the master key to access the apartment the apartment owner can be forewarned and/or notified through the app messaging as to the reason and the outcome (e.g. check no flooding from an incident in the apartment above).


Electrical Control

Integrated, visually appealing switches

 Dimmable lighting, motorised blinds and drapes, HVAC all from one switch with intuitive icons and labels. Easily adjust multiple lights with one press for Cooking, Dining, Relaxing. 


 A humidity detector can automatically control the fan, ensuring it only runs when needed. Motion detectors ensure sufficient light level in the corridors and bathrooms without blinding bright light in the middle of the night. 

When everybody is out the system can maintain the temperature within suitable parameters to ensure plants, pets and equipment are not excessively hot or cold. Remote control from App or voice control lets the apartment owners easily turn on  the HVAC on their way home to ensure they walk into a comfortable environment. 

Auto turn off when activating Goodbye as you leave, or after a period of inactivity saves energy. Many ducted HVAC solutions only operate from a single controller. Smartlife can provide a smarter control experience ensuring each room is maintained at a comfortable temperature. HVAC control can be integrated into the same switches that control the lights and blinds, reducing clutter and making it simple to use. These switches can incorporate temperature sensors. 

Multi Room Video

 Multi-room video options enable apartment owners and their guests the flexibility to access all the sources that are stored in the central media cupboard on any of your main TVs throughout the home.  TVs are mounted cleanly on the wall and are able to access your central media equipment such as MySky’s and DVD player. Pause in one room, continue in the next. When you are all watching the same thing can be displayed on the Media Room TV, Family room TV and Kitchen screen.


Multi Room Audio 

Smartlife Connect can control discrete speakers to suit every apartment – In-wall, in-ceiling or if these are not permitted discrete on-wall or on-ceiling options are also available. 

 Built in audio is used for improved TV audio as well as background music. It is easy to airplay or cast the audio from phones or tablet to any or all speakers. 

TVs, Projectors and Touch Screen TV

For luxury apartments, Smartlife partners can supply smart solutions for discrete mounting TVs onto the wall, picture frame TVs that become wall art when not in use and discrete drop down screens ideal for preserving day time views by eliminating the clutter of a large flat screen TV.